Since its establishment FOULAD GHAEM Industrial Group has been the leading company in the sector of production and services of traffic safety products, expanding with new investments and manufactures wide range of products in every region of Iran&abroad. In the point reached today, with the best machinery and equipment in accordance with the principles of our company we handle the manufacturing and assembly of roadway railings, the construction production and assembly of Traffic Information Plates and various cross sections carrying plates, Street Lighting Poles  And Stadium Lighting Towers,Electrical Steel Poles,Modular Frameworks And Modular Scaffolding, Solar Energy Flashers and Traffic Plates manufacturing and assembly.

Foulad Ghaem Metal Construction Inc, established in 1955 in Ankara and started to rapidly expand its business, opening to the entire world markets with its export policy. In order to meet continuously increasing customer requirements, FOULAD GHAEM Industry and Trade Inc was established in 1994 as a subsidiary company of the FOULAD GHAEM Group, starting the production of all types of Steel Lighting poles with Polygonal and Round sections, Energy Transmission Lines, Cable Car Poles, GSM Telecommunication Poles, Railway Poles, Wind Towers, Highway Traffic Signalization and Direction Sign Poles, Decorative Lighting Poles, Advertisement and Flag Poles. By 2000’s, FOULAD GHAEM Industry and Trade Inc. enjoyed the privilege of performing many innovations in the sector by possessing manufacturing  plants and CNC machinery parks and now rightly holds the honor of being a trademark between world’s leading industry giants.

Foulad Ghaem Industry and Trade Inc., was established in 2008 with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons, exports to more than 110 countries throughout the world by focusing to its policy of continuous improvement of its technology, capacity, human resources and product range

Foulad Ghaem  Industry and Trade Inc. has adopted it as a principle prime quality products and services to its customers, and it is the first and the leader company regarding design, manufacturing, and assembly in this sector in Turkey, with proven trademark quality in the world.

Product range of Foulad Ghaem can meet differing requirements, at each lengths and up-to 12 m  in one-piece form and totally up to 50 m and over for customer needs.

Lighting poles with a very wide usage field can be used for lighting purposes in the following areas:

    Inner-city and outer-city motorways and  ring roads,
    Squares and motorway intersections,
    Avenues and streets,
    Stadiums and other sports areas,
    Bus and minibus terminals,
    Industrial, Historical and tourism areas,
    Parking lots and shopping centers,
    Parks, gardens, prison yards, mines and surrounding areas.

Lighting poles can be manufactured in six different categories in line with the increasing usage requirements and for the required purposes, using different design techniques. These are;

    Standard Lighting Poles
    High Masts
    Stadium Lighting Poles
    High Masts with a Raising and Lowering System
    Round Conical Lighting Poles
    Decorative Lighting Poles